Tricia Wells

Our children are the living message we send to a time we will not see.

–Neil Postman       


The above quote reflects our unrelenting commitment to youth today, especially those who are troubled or troublesome by virtue of their behavior–believing that they deserve respectful and accountable services.

Tricia Wells is a consultant and trainer currently residing in Columbia, Missouri. She conducts workshops for general and special educators across the country on instructional approaches to school-wide discipline and office referrals as well as strategies for students with chronic and intense behaviors. Influenced by B.F. Skinner, Montrose Wolf, Ogden Lindsley and Madeline Hunter, she has a solid knowledge of the science of behavior, social learning theory, effective schools literature, leadership, and change as well as pragmatic school and classroom concerns. Her strong commitment to teachers and administrators and to making the complicated simple is her hallmark.

Tricia has over thirty-five years experience in education as a classroom teacher, special education consultant and supervisor, assistant principal, and staff developer. Her teaching experience includes public school, residential, and clinical settings. Born and raised in Missouri, she taught and supervised programs for students with emotional and behavioral disorders in Missouri, Iowa and Virginia where she sought ways to incorporate relational approaches along with behavioral. As assistant principal for the elementary-middle school at Boys Town, Nebraska and later their Director of Education Training and Evaluation, she helped develop and disseminate their well-known approaches. She also served as a consultant for the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs where she worked directly with state directors of special education and their staff, school districts, parents and advocacy groups on issues of critical concern for children and youth with disabilities. During the 1990’s, as Director of the Iowa Behavioral Initiative, Tricia created the framework for one of the first state level school-wide discipline efforts, leading educators to rethink approaches to the increasingly complex issues of student discipline. While that work predated PBIS, her approaches are compatible with that movement, yet offer strategies not found there.

Tricia is a proven “change agent,” possessing a powerful ability to challenge one’s old beliefs about student behavior and discipline and offer practical strategies to effectively act on a new set of beliefs–beliefs that focus on teaching students to be responsible–beliefs that lead to a more positive school climate, improved student relationships, and greater academic and social success for all students.

“Tricia is one of the country’s top ten experts on student behavior and discipline.”

Dr. Stevan J. Kukic

Director School Transformation

Washington, D.C.

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