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In schools with good discipline, the staffs believe in their school and in what its students can do, and they expend unusual amounts of energy to make that belief come true.

–Phi Delta Kappan

Commission on Discipline


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  1. Administrative Intervention–Effective ODRs

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  1. School-wide & Classroom Discipline

  1. Motivation-Management Systems for Teaching & Monitoring Behavior

  1. Teaching, Encouraging, & Correcting Social Behavior

  1. Team-Based Planning & Problem Solving

Creating Student Success offers a full array of professional development that includes consultation, assessment, training, and coaching. We can help you address behavior in all school settings and along the full continuum from school-wide and classroom discipline to students at-risk and those with chronic and intense behavior.

  1. We Offer

  2. Staff development tailored to your school or district.

  3. Expert training–over 35 years of training and leadership experience.

  4. Comprehensive training or topical skill-building sessions.

  5. Training for whole staff or leadership teams, support staff, special educators, administrators.

  6. Flexible scheduling–one to 5-day classes, summer training, in-service or early release days.

  7. Practical strategies not found in other approaches.

  8. Commitment to keep the process simple and doable, yet powerful.

  9. Attention to school climate and culture and to effective school improvement processes for lasting change.

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  1. –Students Without Problem Behavior

  1. –Students At-Risk for Problem Behavior

  1. –Chronic or Intense Problem Behavior

Effective behavioral school improvement blends best practices with processes that ensure meaningful change:

Strong Leadership–Successful efforts have a personal commitment by the principal or administrator. Building leadership is cultivated, and a Discipline Leadership Team formed to lead and involve the entire staff in developing and reviewing new procedures and policies.

Collaborative Planning–The development process must include everyone, not just a team.  When the administrator, leadership team, and all staff work together, ownership is increased, consensus obtained, and greater attention to implementation occurs.

Data-based Decision-making–Meaningful data is gathered to focus work and to keep the effort alive by providing feedback and promoting conscientious implementation.

Creating Student Success offers the best of behavioral practices, relationship-building and climate strategies, and change processes. Working together, we can help you solve the discipline puzzle and create the climate and culture you seek. Contact us today to discover how we can help.

Workshop Topics

“After working with Tricia at our school, I now believe I could transform any school.  I would begin with two workshops–training all staff to teach, encourage and correct behavior, and training administrators to conduct effective ODRs. Together, they set the stage for an optimal learning environment.”

–Brian Olver, Principal

Poudre School District

Ft. Collins, CO

“Tricia is a highly effective teacher, trainer, and professional developer, addressing a wide variety of challenges faced by students with behavioral problems .”

–Dr. Rich West

Center for the
School of the Future

USU • Logan, Utah