You must INspect what you EXpect.

–Madeline Hunter


The assertion above reflects an often overlooked yet critical element of school-wide discipline–supervision. No matter how thoroughly student expectations are defined and taught, if staff are not visible in all areas of the building, interacting with students and watching for responsible behaviors, students are not likely to consistently behave in accordance with those expectations. Well-disciplined schools thoughtfully attend to the supervision of students, using this time to interact positively, provide a model of appropriate behavior, clarify tolerance levels, and build relationships. An effective school-wide discipline plan addresses staff expectations for high visibility and supervision of students in all common areas and activities.  Do we supervise and watch for expected behaviors?

Sample Indicators:

  1. A written plan exists for supervision of all common our areas.

  2. Our staff are highly visible in common areas of the building.

  3. Staff are available during our arrival and departure.

  4. Our staff greet and interact positively with students during nor-class times of the day.

  5. Our staff talk with students to encourage or correct behavior privately.

  6. Teachers continuously scan students in classrooms and move about to provide direct supervision.

“When we changed our morning arrival to include greeters and all staff supervising and interacting with students, the climate became positive and students began their day calm, ready to learn.”